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Director General Ms. HONG, Shu-min

Director General Ms. HONG, Shu-min
Director General Ms. HONG, Shu-min

Ms. HONG received an LL.B. degree from the Department of Law of National Chung Hsing University, and an LL.M. degree from Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property. Since TIPO’s restructuring in 1999, she has served as Trademark Division Director, Secretary General, and Deputy Director General. On August 18, 2016, she was officially appointed as Director General of TIPO.

Ms. HONG has spent most of her professional career in the field of IP. Over the past decades, she has been dedicated to establishing a mechanism for cross-Strait cooperation and bringing together different dialogues on various global IP issues. She has chaired for multiple times at bilateral consultation negotiations with Singapore, the US (TIFA), the EU and the UK. She also has successfully carried out negotiations with Singapore on the IP Chapter of the ASTEP.

As Director General, Ms. HONG will continue to lead and work together with staff at TIPO. Under her leadership, TIPO will strive towards examination of impeccable quality, an optimized IP regime in sync with international counterparts, assisting the industries in maximizing their patent capacities, spurring growth in cultural and creative industry through strengthening the market for copyright licensing, stepping up international exchanges and cooperation, uninterrupted communication with all sectors, as well as increasing cooperation between public and private sectors. It is her unrelenting determination and strong will to bring to fruition the establishment of an ideal environment that encourages innovation, R&D, and well-rounded protection of IPR. The ultimate goal is to see Taiwan taking giant strides towards greater competitiveness.

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