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Amendment to Copyright Act for TPP is submitted to Legislative Yuan after being passed by Executive Yuan

  • Date Posted:2016-10-14

Following the Executive Yuan’s policy to dash for Taiwan's inclusion in the TPP, TIPO has started drafting amendments to Patent Act, Trademark Act and Copyright Act to fill the gap with TPP requirements. Currently the draft amendment to Trademark Act had passed first reading in Legislative Yuan. Also, both draft amendments to Patent Act and Copyright Act are submitted to the Legislative Yuan respectively on Aug. 5 and 12 as they had finished review by the Executive Yuan on Aug. 4 and 11.

The key revisions to Copyright Act include: to add criminal liability on circumvention of technological protection measures (TPMs), to adjust the scope of crimes indictable without a compliant and to add provisions regarding protection of encrypted program-carrying satellite and cable signals. The effective date for revision in crimes which are public prosecution is based on the progress in TPP’s accession whereas the protection in circumvention of TPMs and in encrypted program-carrying satellite and cable signals come into force once published in view of the advantages in copyright protection and future development.

The draft amendment to Copyright Act aims to not only further participation in regional trade by accessing TPP but also to the creation of a more robust IP regime by reinforcing IPRs protection.