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2016 Cross-Strait Copyright Forum is successfully concluded

  • Date Posted:2016-11-11
2016 Cross-Strait Copyright Forum is successfully concluded
2016 Cross-Strait Copyright Forum is successfully concluded

The 2016 Cross-Strait Copyright Forum is cohosted by Taiwan Association for Copyrights Protection (TACP) and Copyright Society of China (CSC) on September 19-25 in Chengdu city, Sichuan, China. New Thinking in Copyright Regime and Numeric Creativity & Culture Remodeling are two main themes surround this annual convention. The morning session addressed issues such as laws between the Strait and copyright protection for digital publication. The issues are delivered by four speakers, namely, Copyright Division Director of TIPO Mr. Hao-Chi Mao, the Head of Enforcement Division of National Copyright Administration Mr. Jie Zhao, Prof. Chung-Hsin Chang, in School of Law in Soochow University and Prof. Kaizhone Hu in Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. In the afternoon session, five speakers including the general manager of Showtime Cinemas Mr. Willy Liao and the general manager Mr. Bo Jiang in Tencent Technology delivered in-depth speeches by sharing their practical experience in digital multimedia and online music industries. In all, the forum covers many aspects in copyright.
There are 20 delegates from Taiwan side, leading by TIPO’s Deputy Director General Yuh-Ying Chang and accompanying by TACP’s founding chairman Mr. Zhi-De Liao and representatives from software and music industries while the China side is led by CSC’s chairman Mr. Xiaohong Yan, vice chairman Mr. Tzu-Chiang Wang, Mr. Cike Yu, municipal copyright associations in Chengdu and Jiangsu, the International Copyright Exchange, publishers and web portals such as Artron Art Group, Baidu, Tencent, Sohu. In total, over 100 people attended.
This forum is a platform on which both sides share regulatory, academic and practical experience to move towards the higher level of cross-strait cooperation.