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2016 Cybercrime Investigation Workshop

  • Date Posted:2016-11-11

Aiming to fully grasp the new types of cybercrime in IPRs infringement and to develop skills in uncovering trade secret theft and in securing from hacker attacks for law enforcement agency, TIPO, Criminal Investigation Brigade (CIB) of National Police Agency of Ministry of Interior and Immigration and Customs Enforcement of United States Department of Homeland Security (ICE, DHS) cohosted the 2016 Cybercrime Investigation Workshop on September 12-14. The workshop comprehensively introduced cybercrime threats in terms of regional IP issues, technical principle, research in open resource and social media, deep web and its case study, anonymity, case study on illegal e-commerce and evidence collection in cyberspace, and digital deposition. The trainees are representatives from Ministry of Justice, Investigation Bureau (MJIB) and National Police Agency.