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Message from the Director General

I assumed the position as Director General of Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) on August 18, 2016. The huge responsibilities that come with this position only propel me to work most diligently. The following are five key areas of IPR work I have planned out for the future.

First off, better and faster patent/trademark examination is my top priority. Examination pendency over the past few years has become shorter. In the future, TIPO will continue to upgrade examiners’ professional capability to benefit the industry with optimal examination quality. Through cooperation with agents and TIPO, the industry will be able to obtain high-quality patents.

Second, I will build up a more comprehensive IPR legal regime. As part of our efforts to gain accession to the TPP, we continue to amend parts of the Trademark Act, Patent Act, and Copyright Act. We will place onto the next Patent Act amendment the most talked about issues concerning restoration of priority in an international application, and extension of design patent term from 12 to 15 years.

Third, to help local SMEs become stronger IP creators. We will continue to offer customized patent courses to help corporations to analyze and plan out patent portfolios.

Fourth, we will help CMOs to use innovative technologies to develop convenient ways of licensing. In turn, the cultural and creative industry can benefit from a market that enables convenient copyright licensing.

Last but not least, we aim at more international cooperation. We will continue to push for signing MOUs with the EPO on PPH, the USPTO on PDX, and the UKIPO on mutually recognizing deposits of biological materials. Taiwan nationals applying for patents across countries can benefit from these.

In the future, I will work closely with my colleagues, collect feedback from all sectors, and increase cooperation with the industrial sector. I look forward to working with you all to establish a sound environment for IPR protection!

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