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TIPO holds a meeting to discuss the patent term extension and relevant examination guidelines on June 20, 2017

  • Date Posted:2017-07-20

To further improve the system governing the patent term extension, TIPO is conducting a comprehensive review of relevant provisions in the Patent Act, in particular Article 53, and considering whether to impose a ceiling on the total length of patent terms after a regulatory approval has been granted. With regard to the examination practice of patent term extension, people from different circles have expressed their concerns about certain examination guidelines, such as the definition of an active ingredient noted on the first regulatory approval; whether the criteria of first regulatory approval should be relaxed; the harmonization of starting and ending dates for domestic and international clinical trials; whether the preliminary review period for agricultural pesticides should be regarded as part of their formal examination period; and the scope of application of Article 9 of the Regulations governing the patent term extension. TIPO held a meeting on June 20 to consult people from different circles their opinions on the abovementioned topics.