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TIPO conducts a public hearing on May 16, 2017, to discuss the establishment of two more music copyright CMOs

  • Date Posted:2017-07-20

Currently, there are two collective management organizations (CMOs) managing music works in Taiwan: the Music Copyright Society of Chinese Taipei (MÜST) and the Music Copyright Intermediary Society of Taiwan (TMCS). However, many rights-holders of songs in a number of native languages, such as Taiwanese, Hakka and Aboriginal languages, are just not members of these two CMOs, making it difficult for potential users, such as TV stations, radio stations and karaoke bars, to get authorization. It is against the backdrop that the Association of Original Music Copyright Taiwan (AOMT) and the Asia-Pacific Music Creators Alliance (APMA) applied to TIPO in 2016 to establish CMOs, dedicated to facilitating the authorization of classic songs in Mandarin, Taiwanese, and other non-mainstream songs.