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TIPA offers training and strategic courses designed for IP practitioners and IP managers

  • Date Posted:2017-07-20

To improve the quality of patent applications and equip businesses with the ability to defend themselves when get involved in IP litigation, the Taiwan Intellectual Property Training Academy (TIPA) has been running a training course for IP practitioners such as law practitioners, engineers, and IP personnel in businesses. This year, in addition to continuing providing this training course, the TIPA will offer a new strategic course designed for IP managers and other executives in businesses. The courses are believed to be of great help in improving participant’s expertise in intellectual property.

In fact, according to a follow-up survey conducted by TIPO, 82.8% of participants of the 2015 class believed that the training is helpful for their job-seeking or job-changing endeavors; 69.4% thought that it is useful for their future promotion or performance evaluation; and 28.3% said they have had a pay rise since they took part in the training—showing the impressive results of the courses.

For more information about relevant courses, please visit the website of TIPA.