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TIPA runs training courses for IP practitioners

  • Date Posted:2018-04-24
TIPA runs training courses for IP practitioners
TIPA runs training courses for IP practitioners

To improve the capacity of professional IP practitioners, TIPO has commissioned the Taiwan Intellectual Property Training Academy (TIPA) to run a series of training courses designed for IP professionals, starting in March 2018. Classes covered in the program include: (1) IPR Basics; (2) the Writing of Patent Specifications; (3) Patent Examination Guidelines; (4) Patent Application Process Control and Management; (5) Patent Search Analysis and Value-added Application; (6) Trademark Application and Management; (7) Patent Litigation; and (8) Patent Infringement Assessment. All of the above classes put a strong focus on real-world practices. In addition, TIPO will also hold certification exams for intellectual property professionals in July and August this year. Also with a major focus on real-world practices, these will be the only certification exams designed to test the professional capacity of IP practitioners in Taiwan.

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