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TIPO releases an analysis report on trends regarding FinTech patents

  • Date Posted:2018-05-14

The FinTech industry has booming in many countries, and the number of FinTech patents has been on the increase over the years. In contrast, the number of FinTech-related patents in Taiwan is relatively low, and the island lacks many of the core technologies to develop the industry. To provide support, in 2017, TIPO made an analysis report on statistics concerning FinTech-related patent applications on the international stage over the past ten years, in an attempt to find out the direction of technology development and application for the FinTech industry in the future. The report also covers patent documents of international core technologies, contents of such technologies, as well as analysis on the future trends of them. It is hoped that the report can serve as a reference point for domestic financial-related industries interested in expanding their FinTech patent portfolios.
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