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Feel free to utilize our “Recommendations to Taiwan Financial Institutions on Patent Portfolio Management” report

  • Date Posted:2019-04-24

Last year (2018), TIPO released a research report entitled FinTech Patent and Related Core Technologies Trends. The research results show that the patent applications filed by local financial institutions only account for 7% of the total FinTech patent applications in Taiwan. This shows that the patent portfolios of financial institutions’ FinTech are still fresh with room for development, as compared with those of other companies.

In hopes of providing references on R&D and patent portfolios for Taiwan’s financial institutions, this study goes on to take Taiwan’s financial institutions as the subject matters to analyze the patent application trends, while comparing such with the technological development trends in the global FinTech community.

As FinTech patents involve both information technology and non-technological business activities, it is not easy to write such patent documents. Therefore, the patentability of FinTech patents has been widely discussed by practitioners. This study further analyzes the approvals and disapprovals rendered to Taiwan’s financial institutions, hoping to delve into the cores of problems and present them to financial institution personnel. This may help to improve patent quality and shorten disposal pendency.

For more information (in Chinese), please lick the following link: https://www.tipo.gov.tw/dl.asp?filename=932916354771.pdf

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