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Public consultation meeting on simplifying administrative remedy procedures and the adversary system for patents and trademarks was a success

  • Date Posted:2019-04-24

In accordance with global law-enforcement trends, Taiwan has continued to review whether the current IPR protection system is comprehensive enough. The Intellectual Property Court has thus been established to make it more professional and efficient for judicial authorities to handle IP-related cases. Taking references from Japan, USA, South Korea, and Mainland China’s experiences, the government also plans to make administrative remedy procedures more succinct.

At this initial stage, TIPO plans to set up a specific examination unit to handle further patent and trademark reviews and disputable cases. As to the persons involved in the disputes, if disagreeing with resolutions, they may file a lawsuit against the procedural counterpart at the Intellectual Property Court. TIPO hopes to increase judicial economy by bringing the two most relevant stakeholders before the court.

On February 25, TIPO convened a public consultation meeting to discuss relevant topics. The persons in attendance included representatives of the Judicial Yuan, Intellectual Property Court, and MOEA, as well as experts, scholars, and industry professionals. The attendants all exchanged ideas zealously, and they mostly saw relevant policies positively. The attendants also contributed thoughts on practical details such as how the procedures might be implemented.

For more information (in Chinese), please lick the following link: https://www.tipo.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=700225&ctNode=7452&mp=1

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