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The 2019 TIPO-USPTO Exchange of Best Practices on Trademark Examination

  • Date Posted:2019-05-21

The TIPO-USPTO Exchange of Best Practices on Trademark Examination was held at TIPO from March 25 to 28, 2019. USPTO sent two attorney-advisors from the Trademarks Team, Office of Police and International Affairs to share trademark laws and practices in the United States.

On this occasion, a wide range of subjects of exchange were discussed, including the trademark application process, examination of marks for distinctiveness, acquired distinctiveness and disclaimers, examination on likelihood of confusion, well-known marks, bad faith applications, trade dress and non-traditional trademark examination, developments in U.S. trademark cases in the courts, and cases of online trademark infringement.

While Taiwan and the U.S. do not always share the same views on legal regimes and individual cases, after exchange of ideas and in-depth discussions, new paths were found. This was helpful for both sides to find the best practices for trademark examination.

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