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Celebrations were held for the World IP Day and the Patent Attorney Day

  • Date Posted:2019-05-21

April 26 is the World Intellectual Property Day. Since 2001, many countries in the world have held celebrations for this day in ways that are close to daily life, based on its theme of the year. This has allowed people to learn more about innovations, environmental protection and IPR, as well as to show respect. “Reach for Gold: IP and Sports” is the theme of the World Intellectual Property Day in 2019.

To celebrate the World IP Day with the rest of the world, TIPO held a promotional talk on April 25 at the Taipei Arena. Since the Patent Attorney Day is on April 26, TIPO jointly worked with the Taiwan Patent Attorneys Association and The Motion Picture Association of America to celebrate the two days together. Representatives from the sports industry were invited to give speeches on the influence and importance of intellectual property protection for R&D and manufacturing in the sports industry, as well as for sports players. Nearly 150 people took part in the fun talks where IP awareness was also promoted.

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