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Q1. What is a patent? 2014-06-10
Q2. How many types of patents exist in ROC? 2014-06-10
Q3. Is it necessary to file a patent application in ROC for the same creation which has been applied for a patent in another country? 2014-06-10
Q4. Who may apply for a patent? 2014-06-10
Q5. If two or more persons work together to make a creation, to whom will the patent be granted? 2014-06-10
Q6. Is a document proving the assignment of the right to apply for a patent required when the patent applicant is not the creator? 2014-06-10
Q7. Do I need an agent to file my patent application? 2014-06-10
Q8. Will TIPO help me to select an agent to assist me with filing my application? 2019-01-31
Q9. Should I submit a power of attorney when I designate an agent? 2014-06-10
Q10. Are there standard forms for filing patent applications? 2014-06-10
Total74list items, in1/8pages., Displayingitems/page.