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IPR Action Plan

In order to implement and protect intellectual property rights policies, Taiwan has been promoting “The Action Plan for protecting Intellectual Property Rights" every three years since 2000. It has also established a cross-functional collaboration board to coordinate and promote various types of intellectual property rights protection work. Over the years, through the concerted efforts from government agencies at all levels, our country has achieved remarkable results in setting regulations, curbing counterfeiting and piracy, promoting and educating, controlling our borders, and strengthening international information exchanges.

The previous phase of the action plan (2018-2020) expired at the end of 2020. During this period, we continued to review and revise laws and regulations related to intellectual property rights. Prosecutors, police, and investigation agencies also worked together to stop counterfeiting and piracy. Furthermore, the investigation of cybercrimes and trade secret violations was also strengthened. The overall implementation of the plan was achieved effectively.

Recognizing the fact that the protection of intellectual property rights is a long-term commitment and wishing to maintain our excellent intellectual property protection environment, the Executive Yuan has approved the action plan for 2021-2023. The plan is effective as of January 1, 2021, and the main points are as follows:

  1. Promote research and development of industry capabilities and strengthen the management of intellectual property rights
  2. Optimize the IPR legal system
  3. Effectively investigate cases of piracy and seize counterfeit goods while also strengthening the protection of trade secrets
  4. Implement border measures
  5. Improve online copyright protection and the use of legal mechanisms
  6. Strengthen education on intellectual property rights and campus intellectual property rights protection
  7. Help law enforcement officers develop their professional knowledge
  8. Strengthen international cooperation and the protection of overseas intellectual property rights


  • Publish Date : 2019-06-25
  • Update : 2021-01-20
  • Organization : International Legal Affairs Office
  • Visitors : 6357

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