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TIPO’s Q3 2020 IPR Statistics Report


In Q3 2020, TIPO received a total of 18,895 applications for invention, utility model and design patents, not much different from the same period last year. Applications for trademark registrations (26,113 cases), on the other hand, hit a record high once again. Domestic applications registered a small increase in overall patents (see Table 1). In terms of applicants, TSMC and QUALCOMM filed the most invention patent applications among domestic and foreign applicants respectively (see Figure 2). Invention patent applications filed by domestic SMEs have seen growth for 10 consecutive quarters now.


  • Invention patent applications filed by domestic enterprises accounted for 75% of all domestic applications filed, making them a major driving force for innovation. Of these, applications by SMEs grew by 17%, marking the tenth quarter of consecutive growth. This represents a positive development in terms of SMEs protecting their R&D achievements and enhancing their competitiveness.

  • As to the applicants themselves, TSMC filed the most invention patent applications (389 cases), surpassing other domestic applicants for the fifth year in a row when it comes to figures for Q3, while L&F PLASTICS filed the most design patent applications (36 cases)(see Figure 2 and 3).

  • Invention patent applications filed by domestic colleges increased by 10%. NATIONAL CHIAO TUNG UNIVERSITY and NATIONAL KAOHSIUNG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY tied for first place, each filing 24 applications.

  • Invention patent applications filed by domestic research institutions increased by 38%. ITRI filed the most invention patent applications with 56 cases.

  • As for non-resident applications, Japan topped the list with 3,075 invention patent applications and 295 design patent applications (see Figure 1). Among the largest filing companies, QUALCOMM and FORD stayed on top with 213 cases for invention patent and 113 cases for design patent applications respectively (see Figure 2 and 3).


  • Applications for trademark registration came to 26,113 cases and encompassed 32,475 classes, an increase of 17% and 13% respectively over the same period last year. Applications filed by residents (20,493 cases) went up by 30%, whereas those by non-residents (5,620 cases) decreased (see Table 1).

  • For the first time since 1998, the number of resident applications filed in a single quarter exceeded 20,000, marking a record high.

  • A breakdown by Nice class shows that class 35 (advertisements, business management, etc.) received the most cases (3,763) by residents. Applications made under the top five classes were up by between 27% and 40% when compared with the same period last year (see Figure 4). Concerning individual applicants, UNI-PRESIDENT took the lead with 214 cases (see Table 2).

  • As to non-resident applications, mainland China occupied the top spot with 1,245 applications filed (see Figure 1). Class 9 (computer and technology products) led with 1,119 cases registered (see Figure 4). Of all non-residents, GENIUS POWER filed the most applications (40 cases)(see Table 3).

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  • Publish Date : 2020-11-13
  • Update : 2021-11-04
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