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2021 APEC Workshop on the Potential for Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in the Field of IPR Wrapped Up!


The 1.5-day 2021 APEC Workshop on the Potential for Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in the Field of IPR was held by TIPO on July 29th and 30th. This workshop facilitated in-depth knowledge exchanges among APEC member economies; more than 450 participants from various member economies of APEC joined online, including Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.

In order to effectively evaluate the potential for use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in the field of IPR, TIPO has actively proposed relevant initiatives. With support from Canada, Japan, Thailand, and the United States, TIPO was granted subsidies by APEC in 2020 for the project on “Potential for Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Field of IPR”. This very workshop is one of the main outputs of the project.

The online workshop was held as scheduled even under the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Government officials, lawyers, patent attorneys, patent agents, and other practitioners from related fields actively participated. Moreover, TIPO invited experienced government officials, judges, lawyers, mediators, and arbitrators from the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, the United States, the International Trademark Association (INTA), and Taiwan to serve as lecturers, who presented the basic concepts of ADR and further extended the discussions to the field of IPR. Together, the participants explored the advantages and limitations of mediation, arbitration, and online dispute resolution (ODR) in the field of IPR as well as the relevant legal and practical experiences of different economies along with the lecturers. The comprehensive discussion and exchanges of views and diverse perspectives brought forth a fruitful and conducive event, providing participants the opportunity to thoroughly explore the potential for the use of ADR.

The conclusions of the discussion session and discern insights attained through the workshop will be compiled into the workshop report, which will be published on both APEC and TIPO’s websites, aiming to assist market participants including women, youth, and MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) operators in learning about more economically feasible and effective options that can be adopted to resolve IPR-related disputes and enhance their abilities to protect IPRs.

  • Publish Date : 2021-08-31
  • Update : 2021-11-04
  • Organization : International Affairs and Planning Division
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