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TIPO held the Seminar on AI Chat Bots & ChatGPT Copyright Issues


Open AI's ChatGPT is the latest buzz topic in technology. ChatGPT is capable of conversing with users through text like a real human being, and it can also assist with translations, calculations, coding, and other functions. But training an AI chat bot often requires copious amounts of material, many of which concern copyrights held by other persons.

To help the public better understand the copyrights issues that may arise with these types of chat bots, TIPO has organized a seminar on AI Chat Bots & ChatGPT Copyright Issues. The seminar took place at 2pm in the afternoon on June 9 in Room 201 at the GIS MOTC Convention Center. The event was also streamed live on the Original Creation x I Support You FB Page, as well as on TIPO's official FB page. 


  • Publish Date : 2023-06-12
  • Update : 2023-06-12
  • Organization : International Legal Affairs Office
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