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New Feature on IPKM – Reference Sign(s) of the Drawing(s) for Documents of Taiwanese Invention and Utility Model Patent


TIPO used text recognition technology to build a new function on IPKM that allows users to browse reference sign(s) of the drawing(s) for documents of Taiwanese invention and utility model patent. This will hopefully help users better grasp the relationship between reference sign(s) of the drawing(s) and description when perusing patent documents. A pilot test of the new feature is currently available to the public.

Main functions include:

1. Side-by-side comparison: Clicking on a drawing will display the patent document and the drawing in a dual-column view, allowing for side-by-side comparison of the description and the drawing.

2. Markings of reference sign(s) of the drawing(s):Reference sign(s) recognized in drawings will be highlighted in blue. Clicking on thesehighlighted markings will display their corresponding names.

3. Find signs: Clicking on 'Reference Sign(s) of the Drawing' below the drawing and selecting 'Show All Elements' will list all reference signs. Clicking on an element name will quickly jump to the corresponding drawing and display the reference sign's position.

  • Publish Date : 2023-08-16
  • Update : 2023-08-16
  • Organization : International Legal Affairs Office
  • Visitors : 463

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