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TIPO General Services Guide

A. Functions and Services
a. Answer public inquiries on TIPO affairs; 
b. Accept applications or other relevant inquiries on patent, trademark, and copyright-related affairs; 
c. Manage the integrated-circuit layout registration process; 
d. Dispense with reports from the general public on IPR infringement; 
e. Distribute patent and trademark gazettes, and the "Intellectual Property Rights" monthly; 
f. Provide information services; and 
g. Distribute relevant applications and forms.


B. Information Center Facilities 
a. The Information Center "Patent & Trademark Joint Service Counter" and "Volunteer Info-service Counter for Patent & Trademark Agents" offer sample patent & trademark applications and specialist consultation. 
b. The Information Center offers a comfortable environment for visitors. It also provides free local phones and pay phones for use by visitors. 
c. A designated working area is set up for visitors' use, with stationary, water, and relevant legal references available for their convenience. Visitors can forward their comments and suggestions for our future improvement to the Director-General's mailbox, or to the "Visitor's Voice" mailbox.


C. Inquiries 
a. Our specialists provide immediate responses to general public inquiries via telephone. More complex matters, or explanation concerning laws and regulations that cannot be instantly answered, will be forwarded to the division-in-charge for response. 
b. When complex or serious matters are presented in person, the applicant will either be assisted by the Information Center specialist, who will contact and direct such matters to the agency, or be accompanied by an agent to see the competent authority. 
c. Free introductory pamphlets on all application procedures are available at the Information Center. 
d. Office Hours: 
1. Monday to Friday: 08:30 ~ 12:30; 13:30 ~ 17:30 (Payment collection counters close at 17:00) 
2. Closed on weekends and statutory holidays.


D. Online Service 
a. The official website for the Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) is: 
b. English website contents: 
This website holds information on the organization, patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, information services, IPR enforcement, international cooperation, and news and news releases. (The digital library, site map, forum, electronic patent gazette, and links to patent and trademark search engines are available through the Chinese website.) 
c. Email: 
Please forward any inquiries regarding the functions and services of the TIPO to us via email (see list below) for prompt response.


Email Addresses and Functions of TIPO Divisions and Offices

Director General's Mailbox 

[email protected]

International Affairs & General Planning Division 
[email protected] 
1. Generate proposal outlines and review; 
2. Organize promotional events and training sessions; 
3. Facilitate international cooperation; and 
4. Battle IPR infringement.


Patent Division I 
[email protected] 
1. Patent agent registration, patent rights registration and extinguishments, patent certificate issuance, integrated-circuit layout registration and certification, arrangement of patent case-file viewings, annual fees, administrative litigation and related affairs; 
2. Perform procedural patent application examinations, international classification and search, and administrative appeals; 
3. Process the examination and administrative litigation of new design patent applications; and 
4. Carry out examinations and administrative litigation on utility model applications, as well as early publication.


Patent Division II 
[email protected] 
Conduct preliminary examinations of applications for electronic engineering, electric engineering, information technology, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, medical or veterinary sciences, pharmaceutical science, foodstuffs, microbiology, biotech, and physics related patents, as well as patents for organic and inorganic products, and daily commodities.


Patent Division III 
[email protected] 
Execute patent application re-examinations, examinations for an invalidation action, and integrated circuit layout registration.


Trademark Division 
[email protected] 
Manage the use of exclusive rights, execute examinations and reviews of trademark oppositions, and manage the invalidation and cancellation of trademarks, certification marks, collective trademarks, and collective memberships.


Copyright Division
[email protected] 
Carry out copyright management, overall planning, educational promotion, and policy-making.


Information Service Division
[email protected] 
Collect intellectual property rights (IPR) related information, contribute to international IPR information exchange and cooperation, and organize, analyze, and publish IPR related information for public promotion and service.


Legal Council Office
[email protected]
Draft, compile and explain patent, optical disk, IC-layout protection, and trade secret related laws and regulations.


Civil Service Ethics Office
[email protected] 
Maintain good order and ethics appropriate to a government agency, and assist with administrative appeals.


Office of General Service 
[email protected] 
Liaise with press and media, and handle both inbound and outbound administrative documents as well as the procurement of goods.

  • Publish Date : 2012-05-31
  • Update : 2019-07-18
  • Organization : International Legal Affairs Office
  • Visitors : 2221

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