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The Illustrated Contents of Each Kind of Works in Paragraph 1, Article 5 of the Copyright Act


Promulgated on June 10, 1992 per Letter No. Tai-(81)-Nei-Chu-Tze 8184002.

1. These Illustrations are prescribed pursuant to the provisions of Paragraph Two of Article 5 of the Copyright Law (hereinafter abbreviated to "the Act").

2. The contents of the works set forth in Paragraph One of Article 5 of the Act are illustrated as follows:

(1) Oral and literary works: shall include any poem, verse, prose, fiction, play or scenario, academic thesis, lecture, and the other oral and literary works.

(2) Musical works: shall include any music score, lyrics, and the other musical works.

(3) Dramatic and choreographic works: shall include dancing, pantomime, opera, drama and the other dramatic and choreographic works.

(4) Artistic works: shall include any painting, plate painting, caricature, comic strip (cartoon), sketch, masterpiece of calligraphy (calligraphy), letter form drawing (typeface). sculpture, craftwork and the other artistic works.

(5) Photographic works: shall include any photograph, slide, and the other intellectual works produced by photograph.

(6) Pictorial works: shall include any map, chart, scientific or engineering design drawing, and the other pictorial works.

(7) Audio-visual works: shall include the images shown in any motion picture, videocassette, videodisc, on computer screen, and the other series of images which could be fixed to any medium with or without sound to be shown by a mechanical device or equipment.

(8) Sound recordings: shall include any work which contains a series of sound being fixed to any medium and to be presented by a mechanical device or equipment, except the sound which is concomitant with an audio-visual work.

(9) Architectural works: shall include any architectural design drawing, architectural model, building or construction, and the other architectural works.

(10) Computer programs: shall include any work composed of a set of instructions which is purposed to directly or indirectly cause a computer to bring forth a certain result.

3. The derivatives work prescribed in Article 6 and the compilations prescribed in Article 7 of the Act shall be categorized, according to their respective nature, into the various categories of works as set forth by the Items in the preceding Paragraph.

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  • Update : 2022-07-05
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