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3.5 Is it required to appoint a trademark agent to file a trademark application?

A trademark application may be filed either by a trademark agent or by the applicant himself/herself. Members of the general public may prepare and submit a trademark application, but the application must comply with the requirements set forth in the Trademark Act. Should any assistance be required, please consult TIPO’s Trademark Information Desk; Tel: (02)23767570. Please note, however, that trademark agent selection or appointment services are not provided. (§6, Trademark Act)
A foreigner who has no domicile or place of business within the territory of the Republic of China (ROC) must designate a trademark agent who has a domicile in the ROC to handle trademark matters. However, a foreign company that has set up a branch office according to the Company Act of the ROC is not required to appoint a trademark agent since it can indicate the place of business in the ROC and its representative.
If a trademark agent is appointed, the trademark agent shall be notified of all procedures relating to trademark application and further submissions or corrections aimed at perfecting the application. (§5, Enforcement Rules of the Trademark Act)


  • Publish Date : 2008-04-23
  • Update : 2022-07-25
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