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3.6 How is the representation of a trademark in an application prepared?

The "representation of a trademark" mainly shows the trademark sought to be registered by the applicant and to be published in the Trademark Gazette for the public so as to prevent businesses from repeating or using the design. The applicant should use strong, durable and clean paper (for example: copy paper) to depict the trademark representation in five copies, each between 8 centimeters and 5 centimeters in lengths and widths. Do not use photographic paper, which may fade or cannot be adhered to the certificate of trademark registration. The Registrar Office may require the applicant to furnish a description and a specimen of the trademark, if it deems necessary to help the examination of the reproduction.(§13, Enforcement Rules of the Trademark Act)
The reproduction may use broken lines to show the manner, placement or context in which the trademark is used on the designated goods or services. The matter shown by the broken lines is not a part of the trademark.
A description as prescribed in the first paragraph refers to the explanation of the trademark itself and the manner in which the trademark is used on the goods or services.
A specimen as prescribed in the first paragraph refers to the sample of the trademark or the electronic data carrier that contains the stored representation of the trademark.
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  • Update : 2019-03-25
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