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3.7 How to fill in the column of the names of goods or services designated for a trademark application?

The names of the goods or services designated by the applicant shall be specific for protecting the trademark rights and for publishing in the Trademark Gazette for the public.
The applicant shall clearly indicate the class(es) of goods or services according to the order of the Classification of Goods and Services, and shall specifically list the names of the goods or services. TIPO shall publish the Classification of Goods and Services according to the headings of classes under the International Classification of Goods and Services published by the World Intellectual Property Organization. Any questions related thereto may be directed at the Trademark Information Desk (02-23767570) or can also be answered by information on the TIPO website (at
The names of goods/services are given by the names commonly used in the market. If the names of certain goods/services cannot be ascertained because they are new products or services or are translated terms, the product catalogues proving the actual use or the materials describing functions, uses and raw materials may be submitted for examination. (Please see "Reference Materials for Similar Goods and Services" or access the website at§19, Enforcement Rules of the Trademark Act)

  • Publish Date : 2008-04-23
  • Update : 2022-07-25
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