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4.1 How should fees be paid?

Fees payable for trademark registration and other applications related to trademarks are prescribed below:§104, Trademark Act)
Methods of payment:
(1) Cash.
(2) Bank's sight check or promissory note.
(3) Postal draft.
(4) Postal remittance to the order of "Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs" at A/C 0012817-7, indicating reference number, applicant's name, name of the trademark, and contact telephone number (for correspondence). Postal remittance should be sent to 3F, No. 185, Hsin-Hai Road, Section 2, Ta-An District, Taipei.
(5) ATM fund transfer (code of Taiwan Cooperative Bank: 006, A/C: 0877705658811).
  • Publish Date : 2008-04-23
  • Update : 2019-03-25
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