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How can copyright owners be located?

(1) A database search can be conducted at the Intellectual Property Office for information on rights registered or recorded prior to January 23, 1998 (for all kinds of works). The R.O.C. Copyright Act adopts the principle of protection upon creation. That is, a creator enjoys copyrights as soon as he or she has completed a work. Registration is not a prerequisite for obtaining copyright. The former copyright registration system was abolished in a Copyright Act amendment promulgated on January 21, 1998, and the government agency in charge of copyright matters ceased accepting copyright registrations on January 23, 1998.

(2) Searches may also be conducted through copyright collective management organizations in Taiwan (

(3) Inquiries can also be made based upon the information provided in the copyright notices in or on the works themselves.

(4) The Internet also has a pool of information relating to the work.

  • Publish Date : 2008-04-24
  • Update : 2020-09-09
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