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Information on Practicing Trademark Agents

  1. If you are looking for the information of trademark agents, you can find relevant trademark agents and the status of each case handled by them through the following path: Trademark Search System/Trademark Search (by applicant, case number)/Attorney (Chinese Name).
  2. TIPO has organized and published the information of practicing trademark agents on this website with their consent. The web addresses of the Bar Associations and Certified Public Accountants (CPA) Associations are also provided for reference:
    1. Taiwan Bar Association
    2. Taipei Bar Association
    3. CPA Associations
  3. The one who has been appointed as a trademark agent in 20 or more applications for trademark registration each year in the last 5 years can be listed on this website. TIPO regularly compiles and updates relevant statistics every year, but TIPO does not examine facts concerning qualification or quality of the trademark agents on the list. If relevant information has changed, it is better for the trademark agent to notify TIPO through emails spontaneously. TIPO will update it as soon as possible. If there is any question related to the information on the list, please contact with Mr. Gu with the number 02-23767571, who is going to assist in updating relevant information immediately.
  4. Information on this website includes the names, genders, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and the certificate numbers of trademark agents:
    1. Personal data of trademark agents listed on this website are collected by TIPO based on specific purposes of IPR administration. According to Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act, trademark agents can make an inquiry of, review, request a copy of, supplement or correct, and demand the cessation of the collection, processing or use of his/her personal data. When it is necessary, the trademark agent can also request TIPO to erase his/her personal data, unless the processing or use is necessary for the performance of the official duty.
    2. The column of the “certificate number” includes (1) the number of the certificate issued after passing the qualified threshold of the “Proficiency Certification for IPR Practitioners” held by TIPO and TIPA; (2) the number of the attorney’s certificate or the CPA certificate. Whoever wants to refer to the information of trademark agents published on the website should keep an eye on whether the certificate is still valid.

Annotation: The sequence of trademark agents on the list is arranged randomly. Depending on your need, you can click on the “Query” icon and key in the information like the address, name of the law firm, name, etc. in relevant columns to proceed the search according to the county or city where you live.

No. Name Sex Address Tel Fax Certificate Number
21 Li Jia Yun F 1F, No. 15, Sec 1, Dongda Rd,Hsinchu City,300,Taiwan (R.O.C.) 886-3-5325510 886-3-5325380
22 Shi Min Qi F No. 580, Sec 2, Haidian Rd,Tainan City,709,Taiwan (R.O.C.) 886-6-2558693
23 Jian Cheng M 5F-5, No. 6, Sec 2, Daxing West Rd,Taoyuan City,330,Taiwan (R.O.C.) 886-3-3010310 886-3-3013329
24 Qu Zhen Shun M 5F-2, No. 2, Ln 158, North Jinde Rd,Taichung City,404,Taiwan (R.O.C.) 886-4-23609598 886-4-23609599
25 Han Rui Jie M 23F, No. 789, Zhongming South Rd,Taichung City,402,Taiwan (R.O.C.) 886-4-22616636#21 886-4-22616363
26 Li Bo Chang M 5F, No. 1-67, Wuquan Rd,Taichung City,403,Taiwan (R.O.C.) 886-4-23729550 886-4-23729910 A0467
27 Cai Feng Sheng M 18F, No. 71, Sec 2, Dunhua South Rd,Taipei City,106,Taiwan (R.O.C.) 886-2-27036633#331
28 Hong Quan Xing M 10F-9, No. 149, Sec 1, Linsen Rd,Tainan City,701,Taiwan (R.O.C.) 886-6-2356383 886-6-2374041
29 Lin Xue Mei F No. 122, Jianping Fifth Street,Tainan City,708,Taiwan (R.O.C.) 886-6-2985601#128 886-6-2984937
30 Yin Zhong Jun M 7F, No. 248, Sec 3, Nanjing East Rd,Taipei City,105,Taiwan (R.O.C.) 886-2-27751823#666 886-2-27316377 A0072
31 He Qiu Yuan M 12F, No. 290 Fuxing North Rd,Taipei City,104,Taiwan (R.O.C.) 886-2-25175955#20 886-2-25178517 A0015
32 Lin Wen Yu F No. 24, Ln 209, Datong Rd,Taoyuan City,330,Taiwan (R.O.C.) 886-3-3316106 886-3-3334016 T-A-0024-2020
33 Huang Zhen Gwen M 5F-2, No. 339, Sec 2, Heping East Rd,Taipei City,106,Taiwan (R.O.C.) 886-2-27006488 886-2-27004388
34 Zhang You Wei M 9F-12, No. 237, Sec 2, Fuxing South Rd,Taipei City,106,Taiwan (R.O.C.) 886-2-27003938 886-2-27099356
35 Chen Ju Liang M 10F-4, Building B, No. 20 Dalong Rd,Taichung City,403,Taiwan (R.O.C.) 886-4-23106665 886-4-23106661 80臺檢證字第1555號
36 Lü Shao Wei F 3F, 11F, No. 89, Tongde Sixth Street,Taoyuan City,330,Taiwan (R.O.C.) 886-3-3558618 886-3-3569889 105臺檢證字第13211號
37 Lu Zong Hui M No. 20 Baosheng Rd,Kaohsiung City,830,Taiwan (R.O.C.) 886-7-7928485 886-7-7928486
38 Gao Jian Cheng M 4F, No. 27, Sec 1, Fuxing South Rd,Taipei City,105,Taiwan (R.O.C.) 886-2-27773282 886-2-27718962
39 Chen Xin Zhang M 7F, No. 283, Sec 2, Fuxing South Rd,Taipei City,106,Taiwan (R.O.C.) 886-2-27090505 886-2-27540101
40 Lin Zhi Gang M 7F, No. 125, Sec 2, Nanjing East Rd,Taipei City,104,Taiwan (R.O.C.) 886-2-25072811#7726 886-2-25083711 82臺檢證字第2230號

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