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2016 Symposiums on IPR Practices

  • Date Posted:2016-09-08
2016 Symposiums on IPR Practices
2016 Symposiums on IPR Practices

A series of symposiums on IPR practices were held by TIPO on July 5 in Tainan, July 6 in Kaohsiung, July 11 in Taipei, July 18 in Hsinchu and July 26 in Taichung. A total of 292 people attended the events.
This year, the symposium gives special reports themed with “The Latest Update in Patent Legal Regime” and “A Study in Patent Examination Cases”. The attendees showed approval to the recent cancellation of mandating an original priority document if the application has previously enclosed it electronically, which becomes effective from July 1, 2016. Meanwhile, several experienced practitioners expressed their sincere concern about the progress in Patent Act's amendment. In the session “A Study in Patent Examination Cases”, the evidence credibility of online information and translation which cited in litigation is discussed, highlighting that the date of online information and accuracy of translation are indispensable for credibility.

The public can freely access the briefing slides along with related information on TIPO’s website. http://www.tipo.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=597688&ctNode=6963&mp=1