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TIPO’s compilation of the “goods and services of NCL (11-2017),” and “definitions and classification standards of emerging and specific goods/services of NCL (11-2017)”

  • Date Posted:2017-08-22

Taiwan has adopted the Nice Classification (NCL) for goods and services designated for trademark applications. Currently, the latest edition is NCL (11-2017). The NCL uses classification titles and explications as principles for classifying goods and services. It also provides notifications for distinguishing classifications of goods or services, as well as explications on the classification of specific and emerging goods or services. Such information is of extreme value in terms of accurately classifying goods and services, as well as fostering consensus on their classification.

TIPO has compiled the “Explanatory information on every class of NCL (11-2017),” and “definitions and classification criteria on emerging specific goods/services of NCL (11-2017)” for easier reference.