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TIPO is to hold a seminar on reasonable measures to maintain the secrecy of trade secrets with the TTSP

  • Date Posted:2017-09-12

Due to lack of knowledge about the law, a lot of measures adopted by businesses to protect and manage their trade secrets do not meet the three requirements necessary for such information to be deemed as trade secrets, making it impossible for them to seek legal remedies when the trade secret is misappropriated. In addition, in the event when their rights are infringed, businesses are also in dire need to learn about how to respond and how to prepare materials needed in a short span of time – such as an explanation sheet, which can help law enforcement officials gain an understanding about what has happened right away – so as to prevent such infringements from happening again.

To provide businesses the support they need to protect their trade secrets, TIPO worked with the Taiwan Association for Trade Secrets Protection (TTSP) and jointly held a seminar on reasonable measures to maintain the secrecy of trade secrets on August 25 at the Hsinchu Science Park. Law enforcement officials as well as business managers with relevant real-world experience were invited for discussions. By so doing, it is hoped that businesses would gain a better understanding about how to establish an effective system to protect their trade secrets while coming up with their response strategies for misappropriation in the future.