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Celebration events for the 2019 World IP Day

  • Date Posted:2019-04-24
Celebration events for the 2019 World IP Day
Celebration events for the 2019 World IP Day

As society advances and economy grows, people now have more time and money to take part in sports. This has facilitated the development of the sports industry. The 21st Century especially sees the frequent occurrence of sports events, and in response, the World Intellectual Property Day takes “Reach for Gold: IP and Sports” as a theme for year 2019, encouraging all countries to hold relevant activities in ways that are close to daily life, helping people to understand how IP can help the sports industry to grow.

Accordingly, TIPO and Taiwan Patent Attorneys Association will hold a forum on April 25 at Taipei Arena. Government and industry representatives will share their insights on the importance of IP protection for the R&D of sports and sports-related goods and services, as well as how to create profits for sports players through IP protection. The forum is expected to bring new knowledge to Taiwan’s sports developments through expert viewpoints, thereby facilitating industry growth.

TIPO will also hold a series of information sessions on patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret protection to increase people’s awareness of IPR protection, establish a high-quality IPR environment in Taiwan, and generate endless R&D energy within the country, all through exchange of information.

For more information, please click the following link: https://www.tipo.gov.tw/dl.asp?filename=94111305930.pdf

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