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The 2019 International Seminar on Digital Piracy and Trade Secrets

  • Date Posted:2019-05-21

Because digital piracy and trade secrets protection are the two main issues concerned by Taiwan and the U.S. governments, the Ministry of Justice, TIPO, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) jointly held the Seminar at the International Conference Hall of the National Central Library on April 11 & 12. It was aimed at effectively enhancing investigation and professional knowledge for law enforcement agencies in such cases, in hope of strengthening cooperation between the two sides for combating illegal use of IPR and misappropriations of trade secrets.

Five topics were discussed on the first day under the theme of ‘stemming digital piracy’: the role of the courts in stemming digital piracy, law enforcement in cases of digital piracy, the role of industry in stemming digital piracy, statutory approaches to stemming digital piracy, and ESI (electronically stored information) and trans-border cooperation for stemming digital piracy.

On the second day, under the theme of ‘trade secret protection,’ six topics were discussed: private sector’s concerns about reporting trade secret thefts, protective orders for trade secrets during litigation, law enforcement outreach for trade secret owners, criminal cases relating to trade secrets, the role of experts in trade secret litigation, and the valuation of trade secrets.

The speakers and attendants from Taiwan and the U.S. came from various sectors. For the U.S., there were federal and state courts, Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security, and USPTO. For the Taiwan, it included the Department of Justice, district prosecutors’ offices, Intellectual Property Court, Investigation Bureau, and TIPO. These agencies all attached much importance to the topics discussed at the seminar.

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