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Organizational Structure


Patent Division I

Patent administrative affairs and management; formality check of patent applications, substantive examination of design applications, formality examination of utility model applications, examination of mechanical, daily appliances, civil engineering, medical engineering inventions
Patent Division II Examination of inventions related to semiconductor, information, telecommunication, measurement, optical and storage device, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, food, organic and inorganic chemistry, polymer and optoelectronics and LCD
Patent Division III Reexamination, invalidation; preparation of technical evaluation reports; registration of integrated circuit layouts; guidelines for patent examination

Trademark Division

Trademark management, administrative and legal affairs; examination of application for registration, opposition, invalidation and revocation of trademark, collective trademarks, collective membership marks and certification marks

Copyright Division

Supervision and related affairs of Collective Management Organizations (CMOs);education and public awareness program;affairs regarding copyright legal policy; and examination of copyright documents for exporting audio/video works and OEM CDs
Information Service Division Publications; international data exchange; information service and promotion
International Affairs & Planning Division Organizational planning and research; training and promotion, international cooperation and coordination on IPR enforcement
Secretariat Communication with Congress and media; documentation; general affairs and management; file management; administration of secretarial affairs
Legal Affairs Office Review and research of laws and regulations on patent and trade secrets; legislative affairs management

Information Management Office

Planning and administration of information system

Personnel Office

Personnel management

Accounting Office

Budget and accountant operations
Civil Service Ethics office Prevention and investigation of, and disciplinary action against corruption; safeguard office security

Field Office

Receiving IPR-related applications, and provide consultation and information service in Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung
Joint Optical Disk  Enforcement Taskforce(JODE),Ministry of Economic Affairs Supervision of optical disks manufacturing operations

Act of the Organization of Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs 2011(PDF)

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